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Gonna do this everyday

okay seriously reblog if you’re older than 12

i am older then 12.

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its hot

someone please talk to me

thats me (sorta)

Jesse Giddings. We Day Winnipeg 2012. October 30th 2012. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

"Red" Jaylor


I really want to read her hidden messages already!

I so want RED to be about Joe

Aww my poor Jaylor heart why must it suffer so much?

Why can’t we have jaylor 2.0 already.
I want a jaylor wedding and babies

I love them soo much!!!

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Hey You Nice Face Lets Go To Dinner: OK RANT TIME (JONAS RELATED)


I have seen just like many of you the constant hate that Joe is getting…

I can’t express how much it hurts me to see so called fans/ haters talk about him like he doesn’t have feelings. Yes he is a grown man who has had to deal with criticism in his career because of who he dates, and how he…